Planning to Dig? Don’t forget to Dial Before You Dig!

Are you planning to excavate? Have you checked all aspects of the location of the proposed excavation? Make sure you Dial Before You Dig!

Dial Before You Dig delivers a vital national community service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services we use every day. Protecting Australia’s infrastructure assets is crucial in keeping essential services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications flowing to the community.

Any project, irrespective of size, has the potential to damage assets located around the work site, leading to service interruptions, delays, costly repairs and, in the worst case scenario, injury or death. Obtaining information from Dial Before You Dig members significantly minimises these risks by providing information about the work site. Safety is a fundamental aspect of any excavation project and so Dial Before You Dig should always be the first point of contact: The Essential First Step.

Where to lodge an inquiry

Dial Before You Dig aims to educate and promote the importance of safe digging practices by providing all persons working in and around buried infrastructure with the best possible access to plans and information directly from asset owners of utility services. Lodging an inquiry is a FREE and simple process:

Most of Australia’s major infrastructure asset owners are members of Dial Before You Dig. Our unique service offers a single point of contact to request information about the infrastructure networks at the planned project site without the need to contact utility organisations individually.

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